⭐ Special Offer - Buy 20 job credits and get candidate shortlisting free of charge! ⭐


How long do I have to post my jobs?

Once a job credit is bought you have 12 months to use it.

Do you provide any special offers for bulk purchasing?

If you buy 20 job credits, we’ll provide candidate shortlisting for free (normally £50 + VAT per job).

Can you help me write my job adverts?

We provide our customers with a job advert writing guide, available via the portal. Or, we can write it for you! This costs just £50 + VAT per advert. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Will you shortlist candidates for me?

Your Customer Success Manager can review your applications and rank them based on your criteria using a simple flagging system. This costs just £50 + VAT per job. If you buy 20 job credits, we’ll include this service free of charge.

How do I contact candidates?

We’ve included an email tool within the portal that you can use for both bulk messaging or one to one messaging of candidates. To ensure a positive recruitment experience, we recommend you contact ALL applicants (even if they are unsuccessful). If you’re inviting candidates to an interview, we’d advise contacting them by phone initially so…
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How quickly can you get a job advertised?

Please allow at least one working day for your advert to be reviewed and posted by your Customer Success Manager. When you upload a job to the portal you can pick what day you want the advert and campaign to go live. We’d recommend making your advert live on a Monday or Tuesday to get…
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Should we use other recruitment agencies at the same time as Hunter?

It’s entirely up to you but we would say ideally not. You may end up paying a full agency fee for a candidate you could have received through Hunter! We’d suggest taking stock midway through the 28 day advertising period. If you’ve had a good response through Hunter then don’t bother! If, for some reason,…
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Do you recommend we use Hunter for all the jobs we have?

Not necessarily, there are some roles, usually requiring niche skills, that wouldn’t suit the Hunter approach. We’ll advise you if we think your roles will be best suited to using a traditional recruitment agency.

Are there really no success fees?

Yep! You pay just one upfront fee of £500 + VAT per vacancy and you can hire as many people as you like!

How many people do you email?

We’ll only approach candidates who are relevant to your role so this will depend on the role and the availability of candidates in your chosen location. If we feel your role won’t benefit from the Hunter approach due to a lack of candidates with your desired skills, we’ll be sure to advise you of this.