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How to write a job advert – 3 tips with Trust Hunter

How to write a job advert – 3 tips with Trust Hunter

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When asking yourself if your job adverts are effective, you may be confused as to where you are going wrong. The aim of the job advert is to attract interest, to effectively inform, and to ultimately fill a vacancy. One in five job hunters reveal that they’d be put off applying to a role with an unclear job description, so it is vital that it is a persuasive piece that fulfils its purpose following the classical AIDA selling format: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

What the candidate expects

Your job advert is expected to be informative, engaging and interesting; it is as simple as that! If in any way your advert lacks these expectations, you will lack relevant applicants. The simple overview of what a candidate will be looking out for throughout a job advert is as follows:

  • An overview of the position that attracts their attention.
  • The experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications are required to maintain their interest.
  • The key differentiators of this position to give candidates the desire to apply.
  • The call to action to encourage an application.

The Structure

Ensuring your job advert is structured properly is essential as this enables a potential applicant to clearly see what each section of the advert entails, therefore helping them decide where to focus their attention. Your advert should be broken down into sections to ensure it is easy to read through; each section should be clearly labelled and short and concise. A simple structure will ensure that you have a clear and easy to follow layout and will ensure you only include relevant information.

To ensure full visibility of your role on job boards and search engines, it is recommended that you repeat the job title 4-5 times throughout the advert.

In order to retain the readers interest throughout, we recommend you follow a structure similar to this:

  • Introduction – This should introduce the role and engage the reader, encouraging them to find out more.
  • Job Description – This should clearly explain what the role entails so that the applicant is aware of what would be expected of them.
  • You – This should introduce what skills and experience the candidate should already ideally possess.
  • The Company – This should briefly introduce the company and potentially explain why this job is on offer.
  • Package – This should inform the applicant what they will receive in return for their hard work.
  • A clearly defined call to action – e.g. ‘To apply for the position of ….. please send your CV to COMPANYXYZ Today!’

What to avoid

  • Too big or too small fonts
  • Copying and pasting job specification information (it will look messy)
  • Making it difficult to skim through (needs to be easy to look through quickly)
  • Too many words
  • Discrete sub-headings
  • Obscure titles that may be too hard to understand
  • Too much technical detail about the job or the company
  • Uninspiring, boring descriptions of roles and ideal candidates

Spending time and effort on your initial posting can be extremely beneficial, saving you time and money in the long run, including relevant information ensures only the best candidates will apply. Get it wrong and you could end up with a string of irrelevant applicants, or worse, none at all.

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