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Reasons to attend Digital Manufacturing Week

Reasons to attend Digital Manufacturing Week

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As you may know, Digital Manufacturing Week is just under two weeks away! We are thrilled to be attending and launching our joint venture with The Manufacturer as their Official Talent Partner.

If you haven’t already registered for Digital Manufacturing Week, here is why you should…


Digital Manufacturing Week will provide you with the exclusive opportunity to get your hands on the latest wearable and immersive technologies, in addition to meeting and learning from some of the best industry experts out there. You can expect to experience 4 days of unleashed industrial innovation, along with countless learning opportunities and the chance to develop and increase the capacity of your manufacturing operations. Attracting over 6,000 manufacturing executives, you don’t want to miss out on this exciting event in the manufacturing calendar!


Attending the event may enable you to headhunt or to even be headhunted. By joining an after-hours social event during the week, you will give yourself the chance to get to know your industry peers and gain an insight in to different businesses and service providers. With such a large variety of attendees, you will be presented with numerous opportunities to network and converse with industry experts, whilst attending workshops, keynote speeches, roundtable discussions and much more. Maybe you’ll attend one of our round table discussions of Talent Acquisition at the People & Skills Summit or the Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit?


At Digital Manufacturing Week you’ll be given the opportunity to work with and learn from other manufacturing organisations, enabling you to acquire knowledge that you can apply in the workplace and grow your business with. You can sharpen your competitive advantage with access to the latest technologies, accelerating your understanding and giving you an insight of what’s to come. Digital Manufacturing Week will provide you with extensive knowledge within the manufacturing industry and help you to develop your business.


Not only will you be able to access the expertise necessary to grow your business, you can engage with the next generation of manufacturing talent throughout the event, passing your knowledge on and contributing to future operational excellence and continuous improvement within the industry!


When in a large room full of the right people, excellent things can happen! The event will enable you to converse with your industry peers, sharing your passion on digital manufacturing, exchanging tips and knowledge, overall providing you with the best opportunities to further advance your knowledge and career. There are no limits on what you can discover, allowing you to continuously develop!

So, will you be attending? If so, we can’t wait to see you!

Come and say hello to us at stand E70 in the Smart Factory Expo, or join us at the People & Skills and/or Manufacturing Leaders’ Summit where we’ll be discussing Talent Acquisition.

Click here to register to attend.


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