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Category: Advice

maintaining employee engagement welcome aboard

How to improve employee engagement

Being a manager comes with many responsibilities; ensuring your employees are engaged and motivated is just one of them, however it is arguably one of the most important. If your new employees feel underappreciated and undervalued, they will quickly lose interest and motivation for their job, potentially resulting in resignations. Take note of the following…
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Out of office image

Managing unplanned workplace absences

The total cost of workplace absence to UK economy annually is £16 billion. In other words, unplanned workplace absences happen, and there is a lot of them. Although this can be a potentially tricky issue to deal with, unplanned absences are something that every organisation must be prepared for. Particularly during the Christmas period, unplanned…
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hire a new employee

5 signs you need to hire

It can be easy to miss or ignore the signs that it’s time to hire. However, a new employee may be the key to a brighter, and more successful future for your business, so don’t be reluctant and don’t ignore the signs! If you are struggling with knowing when the time is right to bring…
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candidate experience

What makes a great candidate experience

The battle for top talent is fierce, with businesses doing all that they can to ensure that they attract talent ahead of their competitors. An engaging and positive candidate experience can differentiate employers from the crowd, and help you to attract, secure, and retain top-tier talent. But what if the candidate is not right for…
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