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5 signs you need to hire

5 signs you need to hire

hire a new employee

It can be easy to miss or ignore the signs that it’s time to hire. However, a new employee may be the key to a brighter, and more successful future for your business, so don’t be reluctant and don’t ignore the signs! If you are struggling with knowing when the time is right to bring a new hire in, keep reading…

  1. You feel like you’re spending your life working

It is important to know when your workload is becoming too much, you don’t want to work yourself in to the ground! If your hours are slowly increasing and you’re going home worried about the amount of work you’ve got on, maybe it’s time to look for a new member for your team.

It is vitally important for your mental health that you maintain a sufficient work life balance. By doing so you will increase productivity and help to reduce stress. After all, you only get one life – you don’t want to spend all of it working!

  1. The quality of your work is decreasing

If your / your teams workload is constantly growing, it is natural that you will begin to rush through your tasks in order to attempt to get through as much as you can, however, this will only equate to standards slipping and the quality of  work suffering. In order for your business to succeed, a high standard of work should be maintained as a low standard will only result in your business losing money. If you’re struggling to maintain high standards then it’s time to look in to hiring somebody to help you!

  1. Targets are slipping

As a business, it is important that all tasks are fulfilled; from the simple everyday clerical duties, to larger, business critical tasks. If you are being held back from achieving deadlines and meeting targets and feel like you need some help, it’s probably because you do! Remember, if you are ignorant to the fact that you’re missing deadlines and failing to hit targets this could slow the growth of your business and result in loss.

  1. The business is in a period of growth

With a growing business, comes the requirement for a growing workforce. You should be conscious of the fact that in order for your business to grow without limits, eventually you will need additional help; as growth requires new skills and organisational complexity. To encourage team growth and growth as a business, a new hire may be your solution. If you disregard the need for new skills and more help, your business may decline as the workload will be unhealthily large.

  1. You’re focusing on survival rather than growth

Is your team focusing on the same monotonous tasks every day, ignorant of what could be done to further grow your revenue and expand the business? If you and your team focus solely on the tasks required to keep the business afloat and don’t look for what could make you even better, then your business will have very few chances to grow.

Hiring somebody new could give you the opportunity to progress from your previous, repetitive tasks and on to new challenges that could enhance the business. After all, the requirement for additional help shows that your business is succeeding and continuously growing!

If you would like help with your next hire, please do not hesitate to contact us, we can help you find the perfect fit for your business!



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